• haven't sent issue two out for those who are wondering. became too much of a slacker, but all is back on track now. so, if you haven't already submit your info and want to be on the next (and subsequent) issues mailing list; shoot an email to me with your full mailing address. Those residing outside the continental US, you're welcome too. Next issue is massive and has crucial freebies.
    newport news 2012.04.25

    It's that time again amigos. If anyone is interested in being adding to the mailing list for the dvd of the month club, shoot me an email or comment here with your email. Will need your full mailing address.

    the email address
    newport news 2011.11.18
  • Issue #1

    Issue #1
    thought everyone could use some crucial reading.


    make sure you click the "Download This File" gray button. Not the other spammy ones.
    newport news 2011.10.11
  • dvd of the month club

    dvd of the month club
    Starting a dvd of the month club/newsletter. Nothing major, just me sending some amigos a movie a month in the mail. Not all movies will be motor* related, but should be good stuff (old/new).

    Not looking for cash or anything in return. It's all for fun.

    If anyone is interested in being on the mailing list, shoot me an email or comment here with your email.

    my email address
    newport news 2011.09.12
  • cheap shirts cheap!!!

    cheap shirts cheap!!!
    Lardani Bros and Jimmy Awesome tees for sale. $10. Hit me up: jimtronawesome@yahoo.com
    Jimmy Awesome 2010.05.03
  • have ART? need FRAME?

    have ART? need FRAME?
    Come on by the best frame shop in the United States and let us hook you up with some framing.
    Im talking about Trinity Framing in case you didnt know. dont forget to ask about your Crucial Deal. I guarantee you jason will have no idea what you are talking about...
    sully 2010.02.17
  • Blog

    For those of you that read, you can check out my blog at Surlyrider. I will make you laugh once in a while, and you will probably find some pictures of your ass on there.
    surlyrider 2010.01.31
  • In case you dweebes didn't know

    In case you dweebes didn't know
    I sling drinks at a bar with a really bad rap...Copabanana on 4th and South. But I have sucessfully brought the party back to South Street. Tuesdays we gots them $2 americans and all the Doom and Thrash your soul can handle. Fridays get fucking nuts after 10 PM. The crowd is always insane with me crazier than all of em. Stop in and see me. Tell me you saw it here and I won't punch you in the face...shit, I might even buy you a red jawn.
    Jimmy Awesome 2010.01.30
  • How come nobody ever told me

    Bell's Bikes hooks up Crucial Dudes with the dope discount? I had to go in and find out for myself. Points for the hat for getting me hooked up. Bell's Bikes! Wooooo!
    tony spectacular 2010.01.29

    WUDDUP CUZZINZZ!!! Just wanna let those that don't already know, that I work the brunch shift over at El Camino Real on Sundays. It RULES! Why you ask? I'll give ya 2 reasons 1)I'm there slingin and makin people giggle, 2)the food is AMAZING! AND 3) I'M there! Wait that was three reasons...whatever, the point is it's good and I'll take real good care of ya when you're there.
    fernando 2010.01.29
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