• How We Do. 101.

    El Neutron Philadelphia Crucial Brutal

    You know, in thinking about what to write for the Crucial How We Do page, the first thing I did was turn on Man-O-War.

    That should say something.

    You know how sometimes your out, at, let’s say a party or gallery opening, or whatever the fuck it is people do, and then this squad of dudes roll in, and something doesn’t quite feel right? Like maybe they got mixed up in looking for some party that was going to be way better than the one your at actually is, and all of a sudden the shit gets real hot. And you talk about it for weeks. And kids who weren’t there cry like jerks with skinned knees: ‘Ahhh, how did I miss that shit, it sounds so good.’

    That’s what it’s like everywhere Crucial dudes go.

    They drink 40’s better than you.

    They probably look better than you.

    They are way funnier than you.

    They ride bikes better and make better artwork and have bigger dicks and beards than you.

    Sometimes, there are just dudes who are definitely more put together. They are here for making parties either way better or way worse, and have been doing it for way long. That’s what Crucial dudes do.

    They get very party.

    They get awesome.

    And if someone pisses in your sink at your next weak birthday party, and there were some random folks there yelling and making it fun again, it was probably one of them.