• wool caps have been ordered

    wool caps have been ordered
    the hat place says theyll be ready in about 2 weeks, i went with all embroidery on them, a neutron face on the front right panel, and Brutaltron in script on the side right panel...theyre gonna be a little more than i thought, but i think the extra couple bucks for the hat will be worth it to have the neutron mask on them...theyll be 30 bucks a piece, i know i know, but theres artwork charges for custom logos and shipping charges too...i got 20 made. ill put a post up on crucial when they get here and first come first serve so holler at me when i post theyre here!!!! grey wool caps with ear flaps 2 dif placement of logos! i ordered 5 s/m and 15 l/xl since most of us have huge heads!!!! next up is going to be a custom winter hat with the pom poms on top! oh yeahhh! and i didnt forget about you Austin, we'll make some lighter caps soon, maybe springtime so Philly can wear them as well.
    ralph 2009.12.30
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    • Tony Spectacular SAYS:

      Nice! Now we just need to get a new run of scarves and we'll be ready for Boston.

    • haveboard SAYS:

      can I pay you now for mine?

    • surlyrider SAYS:

      I am all over that steez. I want to drop off some scratch now for em.

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