• Very Murray

    duder 2014.12.25
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    • Morgan Wade and Drew Bezanson SAYS:

      go fast don't be a pussy

    • Rosita SAYS:

      Hey Brooks,My roommate just ran down stiars at 11pm tonight because I wasn't on messenger telling me you have to see this site I found (sleeping giants). I don't know where she came across it but she was excited so I just spent the last 10 minutes looking at every picture on the site. It creeped her out a bit because earlier I had told her that her room is haunted. I'm a hobbyist photographer, my passion is in film and I'm directing small music videos and commercials right now. I've done a few shorts and will hopefully do a feature some day. I think your work is great, very unique, and I wish for you all the best. I can appreciate your photos from an artists point of view as well as a technical point of view. A lot of work went in to those and I know it will pay off.Best,Aaron

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